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Xpander Cross 2023

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Unforgettable Adventures

Explore new places. See new sights. It’s the essence Of adventure, and the inspiration for the XPANDER CROSS. With plenty Of space for the whole family and power to reach any destination, the boldly designed XPANDER CROSS is ready for any adventure you desire.

Drive your Ambition


LED Headlight (High/Low Beam)

Both the high and low beams are LED-powered for Improved brightness and Illumination. Top-level ground clearance and a high driving position allow confident and comfortable driving on bumpy or uneven roads and a clear view of the road ahead.


Rear Combination Light

Be seen better In the dark. The rear combination lights with LED help keep your vehicle clearly visible from behind.


Shark-fin Antenna

The shark-fin antenna’s sharp design complements the vehicle’s dynamic exterior styling.

Spacious Luggage Room

Enjoy any outdoor activity with the spacious luggage room. The wide opening makes loading and unloading easy for anyone. What’s more, convenient compartments and underfloor storage help keep your smaller items organised.


Keep your Interior clean and organised with smart storage solutions.
With power outlets on every row, all passengers can keep their smartphones, tablets, or other electronic devices charged.

Convenient Storage & Power Outlets For All Passengers

Stylish, Comfortable, And Advanced.

The modern and stylish interior lined with soft-touch materials pleases all the senses.
Enjoy the dependable SUV feel of the solid and sleek instrument panel that expands from end to end along a sturdy horizontal axis to provide a clear front view that makes driving more enjoyable and stress-free. Conveniences like the new digital air conditioning panel that’s easier to use and synthetic leather seats with heat guard function that keep everyone comfortable on hot days provide everyone with a pleasant drive.

Spacious Cabin And Versatile Seating Arrangements

Flexible seating configurations provide support for any outdoor activity. Load items easily by folding down the second and third row seats, or fold the second row armrest to store long items.


Black x Navy

Black x Navy

Smooth in the city. Tough in the country.


High Ground Clearance And High Driving View

Top-level ground clearance and a high driving position allow confident and comfortable driving on bumpy or uneven roads and a clear view of the road ahead.


A Stable, Comfortable Ride

Enjoy your drive in comfort.
A reinforced suspension system with high-performance shock absorbers provides stable handling and exceptional ride comfort.

Responsive 1.5L MIVEC Engine

The spirited 16-valve DOC engine with advanced Mitsubishi innovative Valve timing Electronic Control system puts ample power at your command – more than enough to carry seven adults up steep mountain roads with ease.

High-efficiency Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

The high-efficiency CVT provides an Ideal balance between fuel efficiency and driving power with smooth gear shifts. Step-up shifting provides a crisp acceleration feel that’s powerful and sharp.

Comfortable Cabin Space

To achieve a surprisingly quiet Interior, certain areas of the body are covered with high-performance sound absorbing and vibration blocking material.

Active Stability Control [ASC]

Maintain control on slippery roads and around turns. ASC automatically adjusts engine output and applies the brakes where needed to prevent skidding if wheels lose their grip.

Anti-lock Brake System [ABS]

Brake safely on slippery roads. ABS helps the wheels from locking up when braking.


RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) body helps keep everyone safe In the event of a collision by efficiently absorbing energy and maintaining high cabin integrity.

Driver And Passenger SRS Airbags

The driver and passenger SRS airbags protect front occupants by absorbing Impact force to help keep them safe in frontal collisions.


Pretensioners help reduce frontal Impact force In frontal collisions when used with seatbelts. Front seatbelt pretensioners automatically tighten In a collision to help restrain front occupants.

Hill Start Assist [HSA]

For peace of mind during stop-and-go uphill driving, HAS maintains braking force until the accelerator is pressed to prevent the vehicle from rolling backwards.

Emergency Stop Signal System [ESS]

Prevent being rear-ended. ESS automatically flashes the hazards during sudden braking or when ABS Is activated to warn following vehicles.

Tilt And Telescopic Steering Wheel

Enjoy your drive In comfort. The steering wheel can be adjusted up down, forwards, and backwards to find the Ideal driving position for any driver.

Electric Parking Brake (Brake Auto Hold)

Turn Electric parking brake on/off with a simple switch. When Brake auto hold Is active, the vehicle will temporarily stay in place even with your foot off the brake pedal.

Digital Air Conditioning Panel

The new digital air conditioning panel Isn’t just stylish but Intuitive and easy to use.

Rear Manual Cooler

Keep everyone comfortable even in hot weather. Rear passengers can conveniently use the knob to control airflow.

USB Port For Charging For 2nd Row Seat (Type A and C)

Rear passengers can keep their electronic devices charged with the USB ports for charging conveniently placed behind the floor console.

Keyless Operation System [KOS] + Engine Switch

Conveniently unlock the doors by pressing the switch on the front doors or tollgate whilst carrying your key fob on you. Once Inside, start the engine by pressing the switch whilst holding the brake pedal down.


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    *Equipment may vary by market. Please consult your local Mitsubishi Motors dealer/distributor for details.

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